Training - To The Garage That Wants To Be Able To Do More

Have you just bought (or you may have had it for some time now) a code reader/scanner or perhaps oscilloscope and get the feeling that you aren't able to get the full benefit out of it? Don't worry, you are not alone. Many garages by now have at least one piece of code reading/scanning equipment but are not fully confident in its use and the application of the information it can provide. Few have an exhaust gas analyser and still fewer have or are able to use an Automotive DSO (digital storage oscilloscope).

All Auto Diagnostics can help. If you have a particular problem with a vehicle but are not quite sure how best to tackle it, or you're having a go but just not getting anywhere, then why not give me a call. What a good opportunity to learn more about your equipment and get the answers to a problem job at the same time. I can come to your garage to provide an in-house training session and also resolve the diagnostics issue you may have.

Having taught Motor Vehicle Science at Charles Keene College (now Leicester College), I am able to provide the necessary training and education required to ‘fill in the gaps’ in your knowledge of such equipment.

It is amazing how a 1 day training session, based in your workshop can improve your overall service to your clients, not to mention the moral and efficiency of your workforce. We would be using your equipment, backed up by mine if necessary. This would also enable you to see other equipment in use.

All Auto Diagnostics will be more than happy to visit your company at a time convenient to you, to ensure that this essential part of your operation is not overlooked whilst at the same time, considerably improving the diagnostic service you can provide to your valued customers.

For more information on my nation-wide training packages, please do not hesitate to contact me via the ‘contact us’ page

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